The Mysteries of Robert Carnochan

Robert Lawson Carnochan (Mugshot)
Robert Lawson Carnochan (Mugshot)

He is in his 70s. He is Canadian. He’s an illegal immigrant, and he’s been in the United States since 1993, going under at least 18 different false identities. According to Mohave County Chief Arizona Deputy Rodney Head, his real name is Robert Lawson Carnochan. And at least three women linked to him in the past eight years have vanished. From the Kingman, AZ Daily Miner:

Verna Clayton, currently 73, was last seen with Carnochan at her Dolan Springs home in June of 2008. The last time anyone has seen Las Vegas resident Neva Lindley, currently 77, was in November, 2011. She also was last with Carnochan, who was arrested April 13 in Yucca on half a dozen forgery charges and three counts of identity theft. He has since been indicted on those charges – along with six weapons charges, including one that involves possession of a handgun with a ground-off serial number.

[Kingman resident Nancy] Hartz was 72 when she went missing last June after selling her northern Kingman home and leaving with Carnochan in his motorhome.

“He became acquainted with them the same way as Nancy Hartz,” said Head.

The Daily Miner reported that  they all met Carnochan online, through “one Internet dating site or another. ” Deputy Head and fellow investigator Scot Durst said Carnochan was simply a person of interest in the disappearances.

A fascinating wrinkle buried in the Daily Miner article was that a woman had assisted Carnochan in attempting to convince investigators seeking Nancy Hartz that she was still alive. She even agreed to a phone interview with a private investigator. She was quizzed about Hartz’s adult children and all her answers were wrong. Nancy Hartz’s children all agreed: that wasn’t their mother’s voice on the phone, either.

The woman, whom investigators indicated had moved from California to Arizona to be with Carnochan, apparently wasn’t considered culpable. Deputy Head said she’d returned to California and felt “very lucky” that Carnochan was in custody. She fit the profile of the missing women — in her 70s, single, and perhaps too suggestible for her own good.

Verna Clayton, Neva Lindley (
Verna Clayton, Neva Lindley (

In spite of both apparently considered missing for years, I couldn’t find Verna Clayton or Neva Lindley on any missing persons sites.The Daily Miner reported that their assets had been turned into cash not long after they met Carnochan.

Robert Carnochan has been at whatever he’s doing for quite some time. That’s not a big leap to make. He could be a Bluebeard, serially seducing lonely women and using whatever he steals from them to keep himself going.

It’s hard to not read the few articles published since his April 13 arrest and suspect that Carnochan’s mysteries wind across many more than just three women over the course of the last 23 years. He’s been at whatever he was doing for far too long.

The chances a wily operator like Carnochan will talk are slim. Lacking evidence, he could simply end up convicted on the forgery, identity theft and firearms charges and no one will ever know what happened to these women.

Or any of the other victims he’s surely left behind him, under his many different names.

Author: Steve Huff

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12 thoughts on “The Mysteries of Robert Carnochan”

  1. What a loser and a bum. And not even very good looking. Probably sweet talked these women right out of all their money. Sad.


  2. How about the names he used and sites he met these women in so others can possibly send tips if they recognize the names he used.


    1. I’ve been trying to figure those out off and on. The distressing thing about early coverage of this guy has been how thin it is, lacking in details like that.


  3. He is hideously UGLY… These women must have been at the lowest point in their lives to even give this creep the time of day… he looks like he’s closer to 90 and how he convinced these women to do what he did, we will never know.


  4. Every piece of coverage notes the two Arizona victims but fails to note the name or circumstances of the victim from Nevada. Coverage also suggests that the accused was illegally in the USA because he “fled” Canada, but does not explain further. Is he wanted by police in Canada for criminal accusations as well? Use of the word “fled” seems to suggest something like that. More details on this case regarding the Nevada victim and Canadian charges would be helpful. Also, he has been in the USA for over 20 years. How much investigation has taken place to see if there are more than three victims in the US, as well as any victims in Canada? Further investigation may show this accused to potentially be a prolific international serial killer!


  5. This guy will never see freedom again, He was convicted on 6 counts of criminal misconduct involving deadly weapons last Friday.


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